Video: EA Chicago’s Unreleased Marvel Game

Posted on August 22nd, 2008 by Frank Cifaldi

Friend of Lost Levels (or at least fairweather forums poster) Andrew Borman has posted very nice straight-from-debug shots and video of an unreleased EA Chicago-developed Marvel fighting game at his brand new website, The game appears to have been a one-on-one fighter taking place in a number of large locales, with destructable environments, pedestrians, and a really, really strange art style on Hulk.

This untitled game most likely ceased development after EA shut down its Chicago office in November of 2007. It is currently unknown if, like the Fight Night series, EA continued development at another studio before its public separation from Marvel in January of this year, but I doubt it.

The build Borman “was able to take a look at” (whatever that means!) is pretty early in development, so the video is fun to watch. You get to see a strange Golden Age-style Captain America let out some aggression on portable toilets, and some environments are really buggy and have fun effects, like floating mid-air prisoners at Ryker’s Island.

Borman also has exclusive shots and video of Def Jam ICON 2, another project apparently canceled when the studio was closed down.

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