Actual M2 in-game footage!

Posted on August 22nd, 2008 by Frank Cifaldi

D2Over on the forums, PC Games That Weren’t webmaster Timo Weirich has been posting footage of real game code running on what must be real Panasonic M2 hardware!

This stuff is a real treat, as game footage from the system — despite its media popularity and close-to-launch-ness — is incredibly rare. Here is what he’s posted so far:


video #1
video #2

IMSA Racing: (dig that music!)

video #1
video #2

Iron & Blood:

M2 port
Original PlayStation version (for comparison)

While I’m on an M2 kick, here’s a brief collection of videos from Konami arcade games that ran on M2 hardware, to give you a better taste of what the games might have looked like if the console came out:

Battle Tryst
Evil Knight
Heat of Eleven ‘98

There are also some various other M2-related videos on Youtube, but let’s just keep this limited to real game code running on the hardware. Stuff worth noting: D2 was completely reworked for the Dreamcast and is a different game, Iron & Blood was not a planned game as much as a tech demo, and the announcer from Heat of Eleven ‘98 needs to narrate every game ever.

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