Details and Art from BOTH Unreleased Full Throttle Sequels

Posted on August 27th, 2008 by Frank Cifaldi

Marshall Ratliff and Philip Jong at Adventure Classic Gaming recently filed a report called The rise and fall of Full Throttle, an edited and expanded interview with former Lucasarts artist and Autumn Moon founder Bill Tiller. Right after a long introduction about the original Full Throttle (feel free to skip, I did) this interview does something unique - it talks to Tiller about the rarely discussed Full Throttle: Payback, the first sequel ever conceived for the game.

Unlike the also-unreleased Full Throttle: Hell On Wheels (pictured), Payback was to be a traditional adventure game, with Larry Ahern on project lead and Bill Tiller as primary background artist (resuming their roles from The Curse of Monkey Island). The article has story details, as well as some gorgeous background art that manages to somehow look like the original Full Throttle and have Tiller’s unique art style at the same time. Unfortunately the art is incredibly low-res; guys, can you maybe upload larger versions? I am a fan of Bill’s art and would like to take a closer look.

The article also has some details about Hell on Wheels, but for those who followed the game, there’s nothing new to report.

You know, as much as I loved the original, I’m not terribly upset by missing out on either of these sequels. Dialogue-driven adventure games always struck me as being very personal, and I have a hard time imagining Full Throttle without Tim Schafer. That may just be me, though, I am still the only person I know who thought The Curse of Monkey Island missed the point entirely. It sure had gorgeous backgrounds, though.

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