Unreleased Chuckie Egg Sequel Being Posthumously Coded

Posted on September 19th, 2008 by Frank Cifaldi

As previously reported by our like-minded buddies at Games That Weren’t, the Retro Remakes 2008 Big Competition has a category just for unreleased games! I just had a look around, and it looks like the only “Games That Weren’t” entry being discussed so far is contest entrant FatSeagal’s attempt at Chuckie Apple, the planned sequel to the 1983 computer game Chuckie Egg.

What makes this entry particularly interesting is that FatSeagal is directly converting the game from its original and completed design doc, graciously hosted by Chuckie Egg fansite Bagshot Row: The Chuckie Egg Professional’s Resource Kit. So if all goes according to plan here there shouldn’t be any second-guessing; this should more or less be a direct representation of what the game would have been like.

Chuckie Apple is an important title for Chuckie Egg fans, as it was designed by Nigel Alderton, the same coder as the original game (who was not involved in the vaguely-similar Chuckie Egg 2). Here’s hoping the project finishes - and further, here’s hoping for more entries in this category (Bio Force Ape, anyone?).

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