Screenshots: Road Rash II for the Game Gear

Posted on September 7th, 2008 by Frank Cifaldi

Unseen64 reader Martin Konrad has scanned and uploaded two screenshots from the unpublished Game Gear version of Road Rash II, proving true the rumors of its existence.

The scans come from “two different German magazines,” though the exact issues have not been specified, so I’m not sure of any content surrounding them. Evidence suggests that the game was being developed by Teque London, and that the title was either converted to or shares code with the little-known Game Gear version of Kawasaki Superbike Challenge. The most damning evidence for this theory is that a HEX string within Kawasaki Superbike Challenge, discovered by the Game Developer Research Institute, contains the phrase “ROAD RASH 2 CONVERSION BY TEQUE LONDON.” Additionally, screenshots show a very similar-looking game, as seen in the comparisons below:

This isn’t exactly scientific, given the nature of the source image, but as you can see the HUD and horizon lines appear to be in identical locations. The road also appears to be the same width, and the mountains in the background are similar, if not the same.

The similarities are not quite as obvious in this comparison shot, but it doesn’t require much of a stretch of the imagination to theorize that these games share quite a bit of code and design.

For the sake of preservation, I’ve mirrored the two screens from Unseen64 - get the originals here and here.

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