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A Title Change May Have Saved This Game

Posted on August 11th, 2005 by Frank Cifaldi

Danny “Sardius” Cowan, a bigshot from Hardcore Gamer Magazine, took time out of his busy schedule of making appearances at Hollywood premieres and working out with his personal trainer to do a l’il writeup for us on yet another unreleased Jaleco game for the NES.

Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Master is an official English translation of a Japanese game called Bio Senshi Dan, originally published by Jaleco in 1987. It’s kind of like Metroid, except not really. And it was never released, which is why we’re talking about it. That’s kind of what we do.


Block Out for the NES

In which the guys who made Double Dragon and River City Ransom almost published a 3D puzzle game.

Hard Drivin' for the NES

A Q&A with the author of Tengen's surprisingly impressive attempt at putting the 3D racer on the underpowered NES.

Spotlight: Bio Force Ape

The legendary lost game from Seta has finally been found! But is this the end of Lost Levels?!

Spotlight: Star Trek V

It should come as no surprise that the worst Star Trek movie would have made the worst Star Trek game.

Review: Colors

In this exclusive Lost Levels review, we take a thorough, introspective look at Colors, the GTA-alike that would have saved the Gizmondo. SPECIAL BONUS: Sodomy inside!

Elusions: Thunder Force VI

A brief retrospective of the butt-rockingest series of shooters that ever was, and the Dreamcast sequel that wasn't.

Spotlight: Pescatore

A glitchy puzzle game with multi-colored seafood that bears more than a striking similarity to PuyoPuyo? Not very fresh.

Elusions: Final Fantasy 64

Is it possible that yet another title from this popular series has eluded fans for over a decade?

Spotlight: Bashi Bazook

We promise this is the last unreleased Jaleco game we'll ever talk about. Maybe.

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